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Brickfields parkrun

Tuesday, October 25th, 2022 | Sport

Exploring another new parkrun in Dublin. Brickfields is not too far from Rathmines and a bit smaller than Bushy: the course consists of four laps of the top part of the park. The surface is good although there are lots of leaves, and it is flat.

Transactional Analysis course

Monday, October 24th, 2022 | News

Last week, I launched my first course looking at psychodynamics. It focuses on Transactional Analysis, a form of psychotherapy that uses our interactions with ourselves and others to gain insight into ourselves and our relationships.

You can preview the course here or watch the trailer below.

Howth Summit 10k

Thursday, October 20th, 2022 | Sport

Howth is a beautiful peninsula that makes up the top of Dublin bay. The Howth Summit 10k is a Gaelforce event that takes you over the top of it.

The start line and car parking is down at Howth Castle (the train station is also close at hand for those not heading straight to Tesco for the weekly shop after the race) but number collection is at the golf course further up the hill so you’ve climbed one hill before you even start 😂. It took a bit of time to find registration but it eventually turned up around the back of the building.

The route starts with a 3km climb uphill. Some of it is just steep. Other bits of it get technical. A lot of it is single-track through the woods. A few of the sections require scrambling, including one extended section that comes out of the top of the woods and gives you a beautiful view over Portmarnock.

Or at least it would if I had dared to look. It was steep and the soil and gravel were loose. Very much outside of my comfort zone so I decided it would be a bad idea to look down. Once we made it to the top I decided to take a breather and take in some of the beautiful views.

After this, things got easier. We went down for a kilometre and then back up for another kilometre, taking us to the radio mast at the very top of Howth. Completely panoramic views from here including Dublin Bay, Portmarnock, the rest of Howth, Ireland’s Eye and even Lambay Castle in the distance.

The next three kilometres took us downhill on better trail that was easier to run on. I usually lose places on the downhill but I managed to hold my own here and even go past a few people. This section takes you down from the mast all the way ho the coastline. A short road section then follows before the climb up past Howth Castle to the finish line at the Deer Park golf club.

My finish time was:


That was good enough for 184 out of 519 but what I am most proud of is that I took the time to stop and admire the views and pull my pace back when I wanted to. I want to enjoy races like this rather than just blast them as quickly as possible and I think allowing myself to take over an hour to do a 10k is a good step in that direction.

Bushy parkrun

Monday, October 10th, 2022 | Sport

That’s right, I’ve done Bushy parkrun! But not that Bushy parkrun. Bushy park in London is where parkrun started. Bushy park in Dublin also has a lot going for it. It has been running for four years and the course is beautiful. Along the river and through the park. It is almost all in the shade of the trees but still on good-quality tarmac paths and one “hill” that creates less elevation gain than Woodhouse Moor.

Poolbeg parkrun

Sunday, October 9th, 2022 | Sport

Another week, another new parkrun. This one in Poolbeg, which is a park in Sandymount, Dublin. Sandymount is part of Dublin Bay and the course goes along the water for quite a bit of it so the views are beautiful.

There is a single path with runners going ways so overtaking is difficult. If you want a fast time, you will want to position yourself towards the front. The website describes it as mixed surface but it is almost all tarmac or good-quality gravel.