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Arnie rocks

Friday, October 14th, 2005 | Life

Check out this story.

You remember when there were those raging fires in Los Angeles the other year? One thing that struck me was the images on the news of the Governer of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, flying in and surveying the devastation.

The thing is, if any other political figure had been filmed, walking among the debris and flames, it would have just looked like a concerned official observing the destruction for themselves.

But because it was Arnie, it just looked like he did it.

Classic :D.

Live from ENIAC

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005 | Life

Been a while since I posted I think. Don’t like getting up at 8 am. Had stuff to do though, I needed to get into one of the computer labs early to print off my stuff. I miss my printer, something I will be rectifying shortly.

So anyway I made it into ENIAC about 15 minutes ago, there was only one other person here. I was suprised about that actually, I thought it would be totally dead at this time of the morning.

I’m in

Saturday, October 8th, 2005 | Life

Recently got an email from Dmoz saying my application to become a moderator was successful. About time. I was thinking about a week ago “it’s been months since I applied, I wonder when they will respond.” I knew I was in for this kind of a wait but it’s wierd how I thought about it and then get the confirmation a few days later.

Worfolk Corp is 10!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005 | Life

What a day! Actually the day itself is pretty crap as nothing is happening but I will not let this day go by un-marked. Today, Worfolk Corp is 10 years old! That’s older that some of my cousins. That is pretty impressive! It’s been through various changes, forms, even names but 10 years ago today was when I began on this journey. So glad I didn’t miss this date. Happy birthday Worfolk Corp!

Male female ratio

Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 | Life

Being at uni is great. Though the best things are still being revealed me to. Earlier today myself and Mike were watching movies with Katie, Lauren, George, Charlotte, Lucy, the list goes on. Shame that most of my gender are retards ;). Well I say shame, I can personally see the advantage in this situation.