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Of my many addictions

Sunday, July 25th, 2004 | Life

So today was Party in the Park Leeds. I was tempted to go in at one point and everything but I refused to pay for the free tickets. Thats irony, not somebody trying to sell me one lol. I did get some pictures especially for Nerd Federation though and I will upload them – erm, eventually. Also, having a wave of a brain, or a brainwave in other words, there is a chance the Nerd Federation forums will return!

But anyway onto another unrelated topic. I was flicking through some sites and one of them had news that Britney Spears was sueing a tabloid newspaper because it said she had a cocaine addiction. I was tempted to post it on Worfolk News ( but decided not to as the article was dated end of March I think. BTW, do you think she is actually involved or her lawyers just did it in her name?

Anyway (again), we are not talking about Britney’s addictions, we are talking about mine. Let’s start with the domain buying – today makes it 15 days without me buying a domain but I can’t really go on like this – I have to buy another one! I am hopefully going to get one tonight for a new site I am working on – more details of the project will follow in a later post.

Addiction number two would be ice pops. I have had half a dozen today or so already and these are the 18" long ones. But they keep calling to me, I here them calling my name! As you can imagine this is pretty much freaking me out but I am sure a good ice pop will calm me down. Humm, I wonder if there is something in these ice pops, I must be tripping.

Finally my addiction to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I had another cool shoot out today, I went to one of the gang buildings on prawn island, nestled myself on the roof and shot people, 1 star, cop cars, 2 stars, swat van, 3 stars, undercover Cops, 4 stars, FBI, 5 stars, more of pretty much everything finally won me another 6th star. Then two tanks came which I took out. I eventually got bored of waiting as nothing else appeared to be coming and stole a tank, driving down Washington Beach and hiding out in my hotel room. Fun day.

Awesome Vice City run

Saturday, July 24th, 2004 | Life

Yup, I am still addicted to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I had many random small points to make but I think I have forgotten most of them now. The main point of this one is to ramble on about my gaming experiances. Ya see, earlier today I discovered that I know have a chopper on my roof so instead of going round trashing myself on a PBJ 600 bike, I can now do it in a helicoper :).

Anyway I was trying to do that street race as I own the car dealership but it doesn’t make any money. They keep ramming me and spinning me though so when the race started I reversed, parked my car accross the road, pulled out that huge rail gun thing and waited. When the arrived I opened fire but they kept going. Nuts to that plan then, even though it was just a great idea. I presume they are indestructable to gunfire in the race at least.

Anyway so thats the background to my run. I wasn’t happy so I started killing stuff and got about 2 stars. I went inside the airport and looked for a way onto the planes area but couldn’t find anything so eventually I headed outside and killed a few more cops earning more a star or two more. So I jack a police car as it’s the only one around, now with 4 stars and set off to find a way onto the airport runway.

I get as far as the tunnel as I am constantly being rammed by cop cars so I get out and start shooting them all. 5 stars after I have killedsome undercover dudes and then I kill some FBI too, for the first time earning myself a 6th star! So now this tank roles up and the army guy gets out. Naturally I shoot him down and jack the tank. I set off towards my estate and try to blow up some other thanks after me on the way – we seem to be indestructable to eacho ther.

On my run I am not really challenged that much though there is the noice of a helicopter and plenty of cops with stingers – they only ever seem to go for the tanks. End result I get back to the mansion after a few cop cars try to ram me in the island. I drive it up the steps to the front door and head inside. Disappointed to find cops in my mansion I run into my room to take shelter but people dive throught he window so after dispatching them I take a lighter gun and make a run to the roof.

Here I get into the chopper and head off to the main island. I begin looking for a tall building where I can land and make a stand against everything with that huge rail gun type thing. I am almost there when the LAPD helicoper arrives and sets me on fire. The chopper explodes before I can make it to the ground and I am wasted – but what a run! And they still say these types of games don’t incoruage violence.

DVD Rewriter here I come

Saturday, July 24th, 2004 | Life

I’ve just booked my driving theory test. I’m not too knowledgeable on it but I have three weeks so that should be plenty of time to get everything learnt, especially with a summer of nothing to do but learn. Well that and bits of coursework, projects, getting a job, most of which I will simply sweep under the rug and forget about.

But anyway, onto the real subject. I am getting a DVD Rewriter! Yep, seen as my family are all heading off to France and I am going to be stuck here, although lol the most ironic thing is I choose to stay, my parents have said they will put a 100 towards my DVD Rewriter. So I am hoping it isn’t too much over 100 as I am pretty much broke lol.

I have been eyeing a few up, I really like on the ones Lacie do:

Lacie make my external harddrive so I know they are pretty good. I could do with a USB hub too with the amout of devices I have lol. I will keep you all posted on the situation as it’s looking up. Now if there was some way to work more domains into this too ;).

Hippy protestors

Saturday, July 24th, 2004 | Life

I was in town today collecting a few random items. Anyway I was walking accross Briggate when I saw some hippy protestors. The ‘socialist worker’ or some paper, I think it was with big pictures of Blair and Bush subtitled "World’s number 1 terrorist." I had my camera so it’s a shame I wasn’t in a rush or I would have got a picture and everything.

Apparently they have a website and everything – Personally though I think we have bigger issues to worry about than the war in Iraq, especially as power has now been handed back to the Iraqi interim government.
And by other issues I mainly mean the British National Party as they pretend it is called. As I am sure many of your saw, the BBC recently broadcast the documentary on the BNP showing countless events of insighting racial hatered and people admiting to assualt and battery, etc. This included the head of the party Nick Griffin! Erm, shouldn’t we be doing something about this?

I need more domains!

Friday, July 23rd, 2004 | Life

Last post of the night I think. I have now drained all my ideas into Nerd Federation, and also it’s getting late and I am getting tired. There are several other reasons including TV listings, things to do, etc but I am not going to go into them right now. In fact probably not ever. But anyway I should stop this paragraph before it turns into total waffle.

So anyway I need more domains! I really think I have a problem as I am unable to stay still – all I want to do is buy a new domains! With good reason though I want to create a niche website such asa celebrity fan site or something I just cannot decide what to do it on. So use the comments system to send be feedback of what I should do it on. Claims I am crazy and shouldn’t buy more domains should be ignored ;).

I was thinking of doing a new movie site but I don’t think there is a market for it unless I can really put into it, do loads of reviews, etc. A tech site would also be good but I think if I am going to get a new domain it should be a niche site with regular updated and see how well it can do. I am even interested in selling a few sites to make some cash and everything.

My main idea is to do a Michelle Branch fansite though I am not sure she is going to be big enough. I love Michelle Branch and her music but lets face it, she is no Britney yet anyway and I am not sure she ever will be. Any other ideas or even reassurance Michelle Branch would be a good choice. I want your opinions! rewrite finally works

Friday, July 23rd, 2004 | Life

Yay, after an hour or so of more work on trying to get the rewrite engine demo that I got working I finally managed to sort it. There are a few problems that I am not too happy about though. For a start any URL you want to rewrite has to end in .aspx so that the aspx engine kicks in. I guess I should have seen that coming.

I have a few other problems, one of which I emailed my web host about. I am waiting for them to get back to me as I write this. Hopefully some rewriting will be possible soon though in a site that I will actually make use of it.

I was also looking into alternatives though. The best seems to be ISAPI Rewrite http://www.isapirewrite.comwhich looks really good and lets you use regular expressions which I began to train myself up on. However at a $70 price tag I don’t think my webhost will be installing it unless I pay for it and the free lite version only supports entire server configurations which would not be usable for me.

Still, pick your battles, I managed to get the basic rewrite engine working so hurray!

We’re a site on the grow

Friday, July 23rd, 2004 | Life

Hmm, I managed to insert the last resource without any problems. From my years of computer experiance though is never to think the problem has gone away as it’s sodds luck that as soon as you do, the problem will return. Anyway the end result is I managed to get the screenshot into my last post about Rawpulse getting indexed by Google.

I do have a point to make that I keep forgetting though – Nerd Federation now has an archive. Until recently we didn’t have more than 15 posts therefore everything could be seen from the homepage. However this will be the 19th posts which means that the first four will no longer be visible on the homepage once this post is made.

Of course the material is still available. If you check the archives, you can see all the posts for this month, in this case July 2004, by clicking the link which sas July 2004 – it’s pretty much self explanitory ;). Eventually this list should increase as each month we should get a new listing I think, ie August 2004, September 2004 and so on.

The truth is though I have never used this script before so I don’t really know. There are some demos in the site though so I might have a look and see what it is like. It will be a good system although the links might get a bit long after a few years – if we are still around after a few years of course lol.

Searching for Rawpulse

Friday, July 23rd, 2004 | Life

Congratulations to JD, as Googlebot has finally visited Rawpulse! We have been waiting for GoogleBot to visit for months without success until now.� It’s about time too, we are still at a loss as to why Google hasn’t visited before as Rawpulse was submited in like March or April or something. But the most important thing is that it is in now.

Recently I also launched a games site named Gamer Forge. The script is pretty good as it all appears static and has an intergrated forums though I have a bit of a hole in the area of new games – the latest game I have played in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

A few days ago though I did a search for RawPulse on Google. Below is the screenshot of the results I got:

Sorry, this image is no longer available.

It’s crazy! Gamer Forge was indexed within 24 hours of it being submitted to Google. It did have a link from Worfolk Online ( though which must be climbing the page rank ladder as many of my sites point to it, being the hub of my network. The real question is, did Rawpulse get a visit from GoogleBot due to the link on Gamer Forge lol?

Problems with Nerd Federation

Friday, July 23rd, 2004 | Life

Bah, just when the site was going well, we are hit with problems. I am getting signed out when I try to add resources. I might try it in Firefox as at the moment I am using IE – the HTML editor that comes with the Nerd Federation script is not currently supported for my current browser Beonex, so all I get is a plain text editor.

Maybe everything will turn out already then again maybe it won’t. Without resources would be pretty sucky but the most important bit is the text I guess so I still be able to post this. I am guessing ceon and rawpulse will still be able to do everything fine too.

Ah well, I have missed quite a bit so I best make a few posts to make sure there is plenty of content. Speaking of content I managed to finish the Tokyo Journal recently. I still have next issue to do though as I have only a week or two until it is due out – it is just none stop even though it is summer. Still once my family heads off to France I should be able to chill.

I actually have quite a bit to say although little of it has a point. Still it should fill our some quality posts. This one was basically padding lol, to space it out a bit. A lot of posts and my writing are these days however but expect a lot of posts over the next few hours to a day.

Yet another day over

Tuesday, July 20th, 2004 | Life

Well day too if the super learning crap is over. Today we were at Leeds Met doing team building activities despite the fact we were brought there on the pretence that we were going to be learning about going to university. Still the day is over and tommorow is just a morning thing hopefully with all the joy of rounders and badminton and the actual fun of basketball.

Ok so let’s find a point to this blog post. Today has been pretty empty of ideas really. I got reading an old copy of MSDN Magazine though learning how to create a balloon usiing applications writen in C++. It looks pretty complex but after trying to tackle a .net rewrite engine Iam ready for anything. So in short there is very little to talk about.
I have some photos of the university which I might upload if I get time. I have a bit of video too but I didn’t get too much. I need to learn to turn the flash off as we got caught cheating with my digital camera. Ok so I am going to round this up with a final thought – if you end up on the edge of a point the point will be a sharp edge.