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Doctrine ORM course

Monday, June 8th, 2020 | News, Programming

My new course on Doctrine ORM is now available. If you are a PHP developer, adding Doctrine to your CV is a much=sought-after skill to have, being used by Symfony and thousands of other projects.

Here’s the trailer:

Guitar strumming patterns

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 | News

One of the frustrating things I have found as a beginner guitarist is that it is easy to find out the chords used in a song, but the strumming pattern is rarely discussed.

Worse, if anyone does dare ask about it, they are usually shot down but a swell of unhelpful comments suggesting that they should just “listen to the song and work it out”. This is not a particularly satisfying answer as why would you not assume the same is true for the chords? Surely someone is looking for a tab precisely because they do not know how to play the song.

Video tutorials are often a lot more helpful but do not translate into something that is easy to find. As a consequence, I have started a guitar strumming patterns database. It is very small at the moment but will hopefully grow over time.