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A-Soc End of Year Ball 2013

Monday, June 17th, 2013 | Humanism

It may not have been the grand scale of the 2011 Secular Ball but Atheist Society made show we showed out the academic year with, well, not style, given it was Red Hot World Buffet, but certainly quantity.

IMG_4187 IMG_4188 IMG_4189

Secular Ball 2011

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 | Humanism

Last Friday saw the Secular Ball 2011. Re-named from the End of Year Ball which has run annually for the past three years, the Ball brought together groups from across Yorkshire for one amazing night.

The evening started with a three course meal at the beautifully furnished Brook Merrion hotel in the city centre, which provided a great setting for the evening. Before dinner, Leo Dragon set about wowing attendees with some great magic.

After much merriment at the hotel, the party moved onto Bar Risa for the after party at which we enjoyed a champagne reception and partied long into the night. A great night, enjoyed by all who attended.

End of Year Ball 2010

Monday, July 12th, 2010 | Events, Humanism

Browns played host to this year’s End of Year Ball in Leeds, with them providing us with no less than two private rooms – one for the reception and one for the dinner. As a bonus my fish came as an entire fish too.

End of Year Ball ’09

Thursday, June 4th, 2009 | Events, Humanism

Tuesday saw the End of Year Ball which this year saw several of the freethinking societies in and around Leeds unite. While it was mostly an A-Soc affair we got people from Skeptics, York Brights, the Humanist Society of West Yorkshire and HAG there, even if this is mostly the same crowd lol.

We kicked things off at Spice Quarter where I managed to get through a reasonably respectable five plates though I believe I was significantly trailing Zoltan who was on a mission to eat everything they owned.

The made in front of you stir fry had to be the winning dish as you literally can just pile everything on your plate and get them to stir fry it. Interesting, despite what sause I asked for it all seemed to come out of the same pot but it actually tasted like what I asked for so I’m not going to complain.

Afterwards we headed to Bourbon for their Mix Tape Project night which was really good if people did start disappearing – the last people to leave the place where myself and Paul! That’ll show those kids who can really party… :D.

In the end we had 34 people turn up which I think is quite respectable.

Spice Quarter Liz and Chris Bourbon

Summer Ball

Saturday, May 31st, 2008 | Events

Friday night saw the long awaited Summer Ball. 9,000 students, 7 massive arenas and 12 hours of madness promised to be good night and it being my final year I figured it was something I should definitely do before I graduate.

The entertainment lineup wasn’t looking particuarly good before the event but once there it actually turned out to be rather good. We spend most of the night in the Fruity arena where a band called Huge really kicked things off at midnight, I found that I actually recognised some of the songs by headline act as Mutya Buena and as predicted, Booty Luv put on a good performance at which we were able to get really close to.

I was amazed at how many people I ran into that I haven’t seen since my first year or similar timescales which was really nice as well as plenty of people from computing which was good as it is the closest thing we’re going to get to a computing ball. Nicola ended up coming to find us as well so we spend some time chatting to her and much to Michelle’s delight she also bought a round of donuts :D.

All in all, a really good night and one I’m glad I went to before I graduate.

End of Year Ball

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 | Events, Humanism

The Computing Ball having been cancelled due to lack of ticket sales and general apathy on the part of the organisers it was down to Atheist Society to provide an end of year ball in some form or another. While we didn’t have the grandeur of some of the larger events we never the less enjoyed all the basic trappings of a good ball – dining, drinking, dancing and good company.

The food was excellent as always (and half price too!) and it being Tiger Tiger’s student night we decided to stay to take advantage of the ridiculously cheap double vodka and mixer offers.

While some of new committee bailed like the old age pensioners they are rather early (jokes on them as they were kept up all night by Sarann having sex rather loudly in the room above) myself, Nicola, Danny and Rosie danced the night away until it ended at 3.

All in all it was actually the best night I’ve had in quite a while and a fantastic credit to all those involved at A-Soc in organising it. It just goes to show that atheists really do have it larger :D.