End of Year Ball

The Computing Ball having been cancelled due to lack of ticket sales and general apathy on the part of the organisers it was down to Atheist Society to provide an end of year ball in some form or another. While we didn’t have the grandeur of some of the larger events we never the less enjoyed all the basic trappings of a good ball – dining, drinking, dancing and good company.

The food was excellent as always (and half price too!) and it being Tiger Tiger’s student night we decided to stay to take advantage of the ridiculously cheap double vodka and mixer offers.

While some of new committee bailed like the old age pensioners they are rather early (jokes on them as they were kept up all night by Sarann having sex rather loudly in the room above) myself, Nicola, Danny and Rosie danced the night away until it ended at 3.

All in all it was actually the best night I’ve had in quite a while and a fantastic credit to all those involved at A-Soc in organising it. It just goes to show that atheists really do have it larger :D.



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