Rationalist Week 2008

Well guys, we did it again :D.

Rationalist Week team in hoodies

Rationalist Week 2008 was not only another fantastic success for the society but also by far the biggest event we have ever pulled off. With a total of 22 events, 13 talks, 12 speakers, 7 days, 6 screenings, 5 guest speakers, 4 socials, 3 debates and 2 round table discussions as the back of my hoodie conveniently tells me it was another week that I will never, ever forget.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped out with the week. I was really worried in the planning stages that my presidency was going to end on a low note but with the traditional A-Soc nothing is going to beat us, nothing is going to get us down attitude we pulled off a week which I don’t think disappointed anybody.



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