Avril Lavigne live at M.E.N.

After months and months of waiting, the time had finally arrived – myself, Norm, Michelle and George boarded a train bound for Manchester. Once there we quickly located a McDonald’s and several bars for a variety of taste before moving on to the M.E.N. Arena in anticipation for the main events. The weeklys of training, learning lyrics and drunkenly singing along all came down to this :D.

Avril came on stage around 8:30 and was actually on till gone 10 o’clock going through almost all her singles. There was a lack of non-mainstream stuff but that was really to be expected and makes it easier to sing along anyway. Her encore was a bit unspontaneous with the dancers coming out first but never the less a classic finish on Sk8er Boi rounded the evening off nicely.

Plus, as to be expected, I bagged myself a tour t-shirt which is always a good way to finish a night. Avril accidentally forgot to seek me out and confess her love for me but I’m sure she’ll realise her mistake by the next door. Which we’re already planning a visit to :D.



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