New Year’s Eve 2010

On Friday, we held a cocktail party to ring in the new year. Having had a lot of fun making spreadsheets of the various cocktails we could make, compiling it into an ingredients matrix and calculating which cocktails we could make with the most efficient subset of ingredients we eventually came up with a menu of twenty different cocktails.

We then made little menus so that people could cross them off as they drank them, which ended up turning into a competition – perhaps a mistake when the average cocktail contained three shots! Congratulations to Oli for winning, drinking his way through nine of them.

Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery half way through the night so I didn’t get chance to see all the photos Sarann took with it – until I opened them all up this morning and found it full of pictures of Kat’s shoes :S.

All in all, I’m going to label this as “best new year’s ever” because everything worked out so well. Of course the real challenge starts here – I’ve drunk 5 of the 2,800 cocktail recipes I have in my book, which means 2,795 to go…



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