Last weekend was the 2007 Atheist Society Weekend Away. We went down to London, staying just round the corner from King’s Cross station at a hostel named Ashlee House. It was a nice enough place, predictably we were on the 3rd (and top floor, I always am for some reason) floor but I’m not complaining, it presented a nicer view from the windows.

We headed down on National Express on Friday afternoon and rolled into Victoria station about 5. We hit a club on the Friday night and people got a little too drunk to be honest lol. Saturday saw myself, Norm and Jack disappear off to the Ethical Society and ended up at the British Museum. Sunday saw us hit speaker’s corner and doing some shopping on Oxford Street before heading home.

I managed to fit no less than six trips to McDonald’s over the weekend. The reason for this was that I slacked off on Saturday, otherwise it would have been higher. I was a little annoyed by the inconstency though, each store seemed to make up it’s own rules and policies.

It is also more expensive in London which shattered my illusions of The D not subscribing to price descrimination. A Big Mac sandwich was £2.49 rather than the £1.99 it normally is.

We were discussing where to go for dinner on Saturday night. I mentioned I had seen a few nice places on Euston Road but Michelle suggested somwhere named Roadhouse which was a 50’s retro place as “the other places didn’t look that nice” and “this place would be good” and only about £8. Turns out it was £14. We had to send two drinks and Charlie’s food back. Although apparently things like flies and bits of foil in people’s drinks are to be expected.

Incidently on the way back to the hostel on Sunday we stopped at The Euston Flyer, one of the places on Euston Road. The food there looked amazing. Only about £8 too. Really nice place.

Sin City
It just goes to show, you can go to the biggest city in the country, on a Friday night and you still can’t fill a club if you run an alternative night. We hit Sin City at the Electric Ballroom on Friday night. It started with a quite extensive search of everyone on their way in. Which really made me feel lucky I had decided to take my pen knife out of my pocket for the weekend. The music was quite good – it was a fairly Wendy style playlist though they played Linkin Park and a few other bands I love but you hardly ever hear even at alternative nights.

Ethical Society
Conway Hall, home of the Ethical Society was a nice enough place but Jenny, the chief librarian didn’t show up to give us a tour so that was a bit of a bust. While we were there though we did find a book that was basically Humanist Paul in a book. Interesting stuff indeed.

British Museum
Having given up on trying to get to the Natural History Museum because it was too much of a mission we began wandering around to see what we could find and found ourselves outside the British Museum. After having a nice but not quite ultimate lunch at The Ultimate Burger we headed in to have a look around.

It was amazing, you walk in and just the building itself is fantastic. We spent a solid 4-5 hours in there before basically, it closed. We managed to get round a fair bit of it though not in great detail and it would still take us another few days to get round all of it. I’d have liked to go round with my digital camera too as my phone camera, as good as it is, is no replacement for a real one.

Speakers’ Corner
We headed down to Speakers’ Corner on Sunday morning to catch some quality religion debates. When we got there there was an imam who was basically plugging a random political agenda though soon enough a crazy woman who had apparently just made up her own religion and drew our attention away.

Next some Christian preacher named Patrick turned up and so looking for some quality Biblical debate we headed over and he was soon explaining to me how I was a “qualified unbeliever.” Then someome named Nicoli turned up, began heckling him and sent him running. Nicoli began talking with his friend Danny about the double standards of how we find violence acceptable but sex unacceptable.

Finally we heard Danny talking on his own with regards to his “don’t believe anybody including me” speach. By this point we were cold and hungry though so while I would have loved to spend more time there we headed off to The D for some food. Apparently Jay Smith turned up after we had left, gutted.



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