Student Activities Conference

This weekend the union held it’s first annual student activites conference which replaces the old committee training. Apparently you have to turn up in order to get your funding and they did take registers but who is betting they don’t actually withhold anyones funding for not turning up?

I turned up at 11 yesterday, as did everyone given it’s an 11-5 Saturday and Sunday event. It actually started at 11:30 with a short introductory session. There were then hourly (for the most part) sessions being run in the ARC and Riley Smith for you to pick which ones you went to.

Sunday was a whole different story. Not having finished work till gone 3am, I didn’t get up until 11 so I didn’t make it there until 11:30. At which point I found a notice on the door saying “conference begins at 12:30.” Awesome, I got out of bed without enough sleep for that. It gave me a chance to get to down to Maplin though and I arrived back for another short introductory session in which Leslie Dixon and the pro vice chancellor (or a pro voice chancellor) of the university gave quick speeches.

The content was on the whole uninformative. That is from my perspective as someone who is currently in their 4th term of office on a society committee so it would be interesting to see what the new comers thought. However I didn’t come away from the first day feeling like I had learned anything at all or really done much useful. Today was slightly better, I quite enjoyed the “how to be a great leader” session.

I don’t think the turn out helped. We have something like 200 societes each with 3 executive committee members. That’s 600 people. We had about 50 on the first day and about half that today. I felt sorry for the ARC staff, Andrew and everyone else involved in it as they had clearly put quite a bit of work into it and nobody was really using it.

Still, lessons learned for next year I guess.



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