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Another point down

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 | Friends

Last Friday was Simon S’s last day at Buzz, which was unfortunate as, as a Leeds graduate, he was one point in favour of the Leeds side of the office (as opposed to the Leeds Met side). Never the less, he is leaving to return to the university to undertake a PhD – something the other side doesn’t really suffer from ;).

We saw him off in the usual manner – by hitting The Original Oak for lunch and getting the shots in. At one point Rebecca suggested we should do one shot per week – something that worries myself and Jason, who would now have to do over 100 shots to leave!

Simon G’s leaving do

Sunday, April 10th, 2011 | Friends

At the end of March, we headed over to The Original Oak for Simon G’s leaving do.

Unfortunately, what we hadn’t factored in was the amount of end of term Otley Run’s which would be in there. Still, as time went on they moved on to later pubs and actually gave us chance to get somewhere near the bar.

It was disappointing to see Simon go as he had really come out of his shell since handing in his resignation and was actually a treasurer trove of interesting stories – not nearly as entertaining as those told by Disco Dave but then you get the sense that when Simon was telling a story, it was actually true (not that I’m saying Dave didn’t have a gunfight with a drug dealer in Nottingham…).