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First Wendy of 2009

Sunday, January 18th, 2009 | Events, Life

Last night saw the first Wendy House of 2009 arrive and so having filled up on some always delicious Nando’s take-out we headed down for the traditional evening events of Liz getting really drunk before having to go to work at 8am. Good times.

Fonze, Kate, Liz, Chris Greg and Chris Kate busts some moves

Lil and Sarann’s birthday gig

Monday, December 22nd, 2008 | Events, Friends, Life

Having driven back up to Leeds on Saturday we set about preparing for a house party of our own to celebrate Liz and Sarann’s birthday (to which the latter is today, happy birthday Sarann!). As to be expected it was a night of drunk antics enjoyed by all who attended.

Importantly, the night included chicken. Kate mentioned that her Nando’s voucher, from when she found a brain in her chicken, expired in a few days so we headed over to Nando’s to get some take-out, which it turns out, they do indeed do.

It seems to be becoming somewhat of a tradition to go out and get chicken as our previous house party saw myself and Kieran disappear off to get KFC. I have to say, it’s a tradition I could certainly get used to.

House party at 12B Clarendon Place

Monday, November 10th, 2008 | Events, Friends, Life

Having escaped work at about 1:30 I headed over to Sophie and Jon’s house party which was still in full swing. What I found was an orgy of drinking, sex and hedonism the like of which only atheists can truely practice.

Liz making out with random boys, Michelle making out with random girls, everyone drinking some kind of mixture that looked far too much like sewage water and all of this culminating in a human pyramid which made for some excellent pictures.

Good party guys, well done!


Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 | Events, Life

Having said our goodbyes to Rich as people continued to drop us angry calls about not being at the union yet, myself and Liz headed up to Wendy House on Saturday. We didn’t have quite the group turn out we managed last month which was quite nice as we could actually keep track of each other (well, most of the time lol).

I also got chatted up by some random girl named Sarah which was annoying really as since then I’ve spent most of my time questioning whether I really am a man having stopped her when she started kissing me. In my defence, I was sober which, according to Zoe at least, makes it all ok.

Made it home a little earlier than last year and had KFC waiting for me when I did. Such a good decision 😀 .