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Eurovision 2024

May 17th, 2024 | Distractions

Well-earned victory by Switzerland. It was a good song. Croatia I was a bit more surprised at. Also that France scored so many jury points even that Graham Norton said his voice broke for the jury final. How can these scores be accurate when the technical quality was notably low?

Disappointing night for the UK. After 2022, we known people will vote for us. We just need a good song and it just wasn’t a banger. The staging was very innovative. But it was also in a toilet an I don’t want to look at a toilet for three minutes.

It was odd that Israel were allowed to compete with Russia have been excluded from the competition when both countries are accused of committing war crimes. People have expressed surprise about Israel getting so much of the public vote but I think it is the nature of voting. Israel’s actions are highly polarising. 66% of people think they should stop committting genocide, according to YouGov, but 13% think they should continue. That’s ten million people in the UK. That’s a lot of votes. And you can’t unvote Israel, not really tactically vote against them given countries give points to ten or so countries and there were 23 options to choose from.

Ironically, Eden Golan lives in Russia. Also ironic that Graham Norton commented on our Loreen is such a good performer and then she sat on a chair the whole time.

Good to see Finland in the final, and Ireland not only in the final but coming 6th. I’ll finish by allowing Nemo to sing us out.

Ardgillan Castle

May 16th, 2024 | Photos, Travel

Ardgillan parkrun

May 15th, 2024 | Sport

Beautiful parkrun. Located at Ardgillan Castle, the stately home overlooks large grounds that trail down to the sea. Meaning you get beautiful architecture, country grounds and a sea view all in one. It’s hilly, though. Not quite as bad as Temple Newsam but then very few courses are.

I got a lovely welcome from the parkrun team and there was a nice cafe for refreshments after the run. Recommended!

This was the final parkrun I needed to complete my set of County Dublin so pretty chuffed to have achieved that.

Sandyford 5k

May 14th, 2024 | Sport

Sandyford 5k is an evening race that loops around the Sandyford business district. I wasn’t pushing too hard given my ankle is still a problem so was happy to get home in 25:30. Cabinteely enters a bunch of teams, though, and they picked up prizes in both the mixed and ladies teams!

Blackrock 5k

May 13th, 2024 | Sport

Too hot! But under 24 minutes. Got a bit caught up from taking it easy. I did turn up with some homemade biscuits and they all got eaten so I’m taking that as a victory. Thanks to all of the volunteers and Rob for directing.

Challenge 120

May 12th, 2024 | Sport

In 2015, James Lawrence, also known as the Iron Cowboy, set the world record for number of full distance triathlons completed on consecutive days: 50. In 2021, he raised the bar to 100 and then in 2023, Sean Conway raised the bar to 105.

Last week, Jonas Deichmann kicked off Challenge 120: an attempt to complete 120 full distance triathlons in 120 days. For reference, that is a 3.8 km swim, 180 km cycle and a 42.2 km run (full marathon) each day. You can follow him each day on his live tracker and there are daily updates on Instagram, too.

350th parkrun

May 6th, 2024 | Sport

Not a real milestone. My running form looks pretty good, though. Thanks Dermot for the photo.

Donabate parkrun

April 28th, 2024 | Sport

Donabate parkrun takes place at Newbridge House & Farm. It’s a beautiful country house and the drive in passes a ruined tower, plenty of trees and open grass. The house looks lovely from the front (see below) but not quite as nice from the side (see above).

The run is one large lap and then one shorter lap so you don’t repeat too much. There is a nice cafe for on-site snacks after the run, too.

Be Useful

April 27th, 2024 | Books

Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life is an inspiration-style self-help book by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is part auto-biography with each rule taken from his life and illustrated by the success it brought him.

The rules are typical for what you would expect in this kind of book: set a vision and work your arse off to get it. But Schwarzenegger places an emphasis on humility and listening, documenting his failures as much as his successes. For example, he hates the term “self-made man” because it ignores all of the people who helped him.

There is a dichotomy in the message. You have to ignore the nay-sayers. But you also have to work together and build consensus with others.

People without vision are threaten by those who have it

It is written in a very conversational style, or at least read this way. Schwarzenegger narrates the audiobook and it is peppered with jokes, apologies if his dog makes any noise and a sense of wonder at some of the amazing people’s stories he uses in the book.

I did take exception when he talked about Reg Park coming from a “small industrial town” in the north of England. Reg Park came from Leeds. It is the second biggest city in the sixth largest economy in the world. And we didn’t even get a name-drop 😆.

Counselling Adolescents: The Proactive Approach

April 26th, 2024 | Books

Counselling Adolescents: The Proactive Approach is a textbook on youth counselling by Geldard & Geldard. It’s one of the classic textbooks on counselling young people.

It’s an interegrative counselling philosophy. There are bits of SFBT, Person-Centred, Transactional Analysis, psychodynamic and behavioural approaches in here. It’s also a little dated but not out-of-date. That said, I didn’t find it quite as useful as many of my colleagues have.