Chrismukkah WoW marthon

Last night, at midnight, the Christmukkah WoW marathon ended. Out of the 72 hours of time in the period, 6 hours was a maintenance window resulting in a total playable hours of 66. I managed Just over 30 which is slightly less than half. Not amazing but given I had to get some sleep (this is the first time I’ve had more than one consecutive day off in months so I want some sleeping time :D) and given I attended events on both Wednesday and Thursday night I don’t think it was too bad.

Progress wasn’t quite as fast as expected, we ended up with myself and Norm on level 20, Michelle on level 18 and George on level 17. I was gutted we never managed to complete The Deadmines but it was fun none the less. We ended the night by getting blind drunk (literally) in the Blue Recluse and heading down to the canal between the Trade District and the Mage Quarter for some good old-fashioned drunken skinny dipping.

So guys, same against next year? 😀



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