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The wacky adventures of Peeping Martin

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006 | Life

I got woken up a little after 3 am this morning by a phone call concerning the aforementioned movie. Really appreciated that. More annoying however I set my alarm at the wrong time somehow so it didn’t get me up at 10 as planned. Opps.

The day has cometh (and gone)

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006 | Life

Yeeeeeesss! Yesterday Kieran blogged more than me. For one short day I was not the most obsessive blogger I knew. Of course now it’s probably going to slide back to normal, it’s not even 1 am and I am blogging. Although the only other chance I will probably get is after I get up but before I go into uni.

The reason behind that is because tonight we are all going to get nice and smashed at Sarann’s. Myself and Michelle went to Morrisons today and loaded up on vodka and vodka containing products and I’m taking my laptop and external hard drive round so we have access to the full array of my music collection. Add that to the invite policy bring “bring alcohol with you” and it’s going to be a fantabulus night.

Luckily the next time I have to be up after tomorrow night is Friday morning so even if we stay up all night tomorrow (or today rather, it’s past midnight although it would be past midnight then too so I’m unsure as to the correct term) I will still have 24 hours to sleep off whatever after effects it brings.

Of course beyond then and now we have our 4 hour SE15 lab exam to worry about. But I don’t really see that being much of a problem, I spent 15-30 minutes or so writing some empty base classes ready for the exam and I had a read through the mock paper too which looked refreshingly easy so I don’t think it will cause any problems and there is no way it’s going to take 4 hours so I think I will be done reasonably early.

So yeah, tomorrow’s plan is, get up, redo my nails, sort out my external hard drive, go to Sarann’s and drop stuff off, drop by student advice centre, do exam, go to The Terrace and begin drinking and the rest will just be a blur.

Bondi last night

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006 | Life

Wow, my server is still up, that’s quite nice. Anyway, this is going to be my final blog post of the day because today is the day that Kieran blogs more than me :D. For today only I won’t be the most obsessive blogger I know. So anything else I suddenly feel the need to blog about will have to wait until after midnight.

Went to Bondi last night. Via Fab Cafe. We met in there at 9 along with Janine, Dani and Oli who later went off to Fruit Cupboard while myself, Michelle, Sarann, Sophie, Claire, Fonze and John went to Bondi (B later joined us as well). There was also a large amount of people from my house there too.

Once in there I eventually managed to drag people onto the stage to dance though we didn’t stay overly long as it got crowded with other people on it. They also had a tweak in the playlist this week, I didn’t here Green Day’s Basketcase or Bloodhound Gang’s Bad Touch (though we might have missed that for reasons I will later discuss) and I had to go and request Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone. Still I actually got a request played though which is a mini-miracle in itself.

The night ended earlier than expected at 2:45 though when a bouncer led Michelle out of the club for being too drunk. Once he had her (and I followed) outside he explained that a staff member had pointed out she couldn’t keep herself on her chair and so they had to kick her out. I went back to grab our stuff and everyone else decided to leave at that time too. It was kind of crap in that we had to leave early because Bondi is so wicked but it’s quite amusing that Michelle out of all of us was the one that got us kicked out :D.

Mega downtime

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006 | Life

I’m really having problems with my VPS at the moment. It’s been down since I went out last night some time (well that was the last time I had it online, I don’t know when it went down) to just now when I’ve had support bring it back online. Actually they just killed a lot of processes, I brought it back online via SSH. But yeah, it’s screwed and it’s really not good I’ve probably lost a lot of mail, visitors and in the end, revenue which is really not good. It better not start affecting my adverting, I know it’s effecting my traffic. It really needs to get sorted out.

Crappy VPS

Monday, May 29th, 2006 | Life

My VPS has been crashing pretty much hourly all day. This sucks, I need to get the load down.


Sunday, May 28th, 2006 | Life

Ok, this is just silly. This is the 5th blog post I have made today and I wanted to keep it minimal today as I didn’t want my recent post, Is my future in application development? to be pushed too far down as I was hoping that one would actually get read and I dared to dream of actually getting people’s thoughts on the subject.

But I’m annoyed and when I’m annoyed I blog. Ok, so it was like an hour ago and Co-op closes at 10:30 on a Sunday so I ran up there as fast as I could and managed to get there before it closed. Only to find they had completely sold out of microchips. Which is what I went there for. Oh well, at least I can drown my sorrows with alcohol. Or at least I could if they hadn’t stopped selling it. The reason? Because they only told it until it said 10:30 on the tills which run faster than the clocks! How BS is that?!?

I’m thinking of killing time with some World of Warcraft now, although I have major patches to download which is BS as well, I just want to go kill some stuff!

Billy Talent II

Sunday, May 28th, 2006 | Life

It’s coming! Not only have I found out recently that Lostprophets will be releasing a new album soon but the long, long awaited sequel to Billy Talent’s debut is due to be released on June 27th! And I just know it’s going to be good. Plus I’m sure they will play some of their new stuff at gig. I need to learn the lyrics asap when the album comes out so I can sing along to everything at the gig.

The problem with religious moderates

Sunday, May 28th, 2006 | Life

Religious moderates are what make up the bulk of each of the major religions today. Generally a religion can be split into two groups – fundamentalists and moderates. This is most commonly seen with Islam although it can apply to any religion, there are plenty of examples in Christianity too and I have no doubt other religions that I simply haven’t had enough exposure to to be able to see clear examples of.

Fundamentalists tend to follow the religion to it’s exact words, they subscribe to it’s a teachings in whole. Moderates however relax the rules in order to fit into society. They don’t follow their holy book as closely. Therein lies the problem.

The fact is a term like Christian moderate or Islamic moderate is just a cover term. For bad Christian or bad Muslim. If you believe in one of the major religions then you believe that there is a god and he wrote (or dicated) the holy text and that we should all follow it. Whereas non-religion people don’t, that is the difference.

A fundamentalist will do this, they will follow the holy text as exactly as they can. A moderate however will not. They pick and choose what is appropriate in our society and what isn’t. What they are essentially asking us to believe is that this all-powerful all-perfect god that wrote the holy book got some of it right and some of it wrong. The all-perfect god that is therefore inherantly incapable of making mistakes didn’t get the holy book quite right and so therefore there are parts of it we should ignore as they don’t work in our society.

That is where the problem lies. When a fundamentalist starts a holy war or burns someone at the stake it’s because they are following their religon. And the reason why the moderate doesn’t do the same is because they aren’t. Of course this isn’t always the case but as a general rule it works quite well. The lesson here? it is the religon at fault because the fundamentalists that are blaimed in these events are only following their religion. They have not being dragged off their path of their faith, it is the religious moderates that have.


Sunday, May 28th, 2006 | Life

As I mentioned in my brief post last night, we went to Oblivion which is a wicked night. I’m stuck in a cycle whereby after Oblivion I think Oblivion is the best night out in Leeds and after Wendy House I think Wendy House is. I’m torn and I think this cycle is going to continue though right now Oblivion was the most recent so I’m going with that.

As usual we have a decent sized line-up, this time consisting of Michelle, Sarann, Fonze, John, Janine, Dani and Claire. After a drink or two in the Old Bar we headed in about 9:45 as it’s £1 in before 10 which is a wicked price so I don’t see why there was a total of about 10 of us in there. It didn’t get massively busy all night though, it’s a really underappreciated event.

Michelle and Sarann went for pizza just after we got in though (and failed to bring us back some!) and left before 12:30 and given Janine and Dani were elsewhere most of the night was me, John, Fonze and Claire rocking out at the far end of the dance floor. The music in Oblivion is so good even if they never play requests. Between us we requested Billy Talent, Gary Numan and Lostprophets, none of which got played.

On to the gossip section. About 2:15 (keeping in mind the event ends at 2:30) we were sat around at the top, Fonze was sat on one of the sofas. Next thing I know some random girl (who I’ve recently learned was named Becky) was sat next to him and then leading him away by the hand. And he went home with her at the end of the night! How did this happen? The student has overtaken the master. I mean, not that, that is is a challenge given that most people are way ahead of me already but I really did not see Fonze overtaking me.

I mean how? He has built up a lot more confidence since myself and Claire have been working on him and he does look a lot more attractive now we have him looking semi-goth with spiked up hair and eye make-up but it’s sooo not fair, why can’t I get used? I would have to struggle with my conscience as to what to do if I was in that situation but it would be nice to have the opportunity.

Fonze just went home with some random girl

Sunday, May 28th, 2006 | Life

OMG like did my eyes deceive me or did that actually just happen? Some random (but hot) girl came up and started chatting to him 15 minutes before the end of Oblivion (which was wicked as always) and then led him away and then when we left at the end of the night she led him away again down towards the EB library and away into the darkness. He is sooooo going to get laid. And it’s soooo unfair! Why can’t this happen to me?

John: “Iv’e seen it all, Fonze wandering off with a random lass, amazing, good on him, he’s the man!”