Bondi last night

Wow, my server is still up, that’s quite nice. Anyway, this is going to be my final blog post of the day because today is the day that Kieran blogs more than me :D. For today only I won’t be the most obsessive blogger I know. So anything else I suddenly feel the need to blog about will have to wait until after midnight.

Went to Bondi last night. Via Fab Cafe. We met in there at 9 along with Janine, Dani and Oli who later went off to Fruit Cupboard while myself, Michelle, Sarann, Sophie, Claire, Fonze and John went to Bondi (B later joined us as well). There was also a large amount of people from my house there too.

Once in there I eventually managed to drag people onto the stage to dance though we didn’t stay overly long as it got crowded with other people on it. They also had a tweak in the playlist this week, I didn’t here Green Day’s Basketcase or Bloodhound Gang’s Bad Touch (though we might have missed that for reasons I will later discuss) and I had to go and request Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone. Still I actually got a request played though which is a mini-miracle in itself.

The night ended earlier than expected at 2:45 though when a bouncer led Michelle out of the club for being too drunk. Once he had her (and I followed) outside he explained that a staff member had pointed out she couldn’t keep herself on her chair and so they had to kick her out. I went back to grab our stuff and everyone else decided to leave at that time too. It was kind of crap in that we had to leave early because Bondi is so wicked but it’s quite amusing that Michelle out of all of us was the one that got us kicked out :D.



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