The day has cometh (and gone)

Yeeeeeesss! Yesterday Kieran blogged more than me. For one short day I was not the most obsessive blogger I knew. Of course now it’s probably going to slide back to normal, it’s not even 1 am and I am blogging. Although the only other chance I will probably get is after I get up but before I go into uni.

The reason behind that is because tonight we are all going to get nice and smashed at Sarann’s. Myself and Michelle went to Morrisons today and loaded up on vodka and vodka containing products and I’m taking my laptop and external hard drive round so we have access to the full array of my music collection. Add that to the invite policy bring “bring alcohol with you” and it’s going to be a fantabulus night.

Luckily the next time I have to be up after tomorrow night is Friday morning so even if we stay up all night tomorrow (or today rather, it’s past midnight although it would be past midnight then too so I’m unsure as to the correct term) I will still have 24 hours to sleep off whatever after effects it brings.

Of course beyond then and now we have our 4 hour SE15 lab exam to worry about. But I don’t really see that being much of a problem, I spent 15-30 minutes or so writing some empty base classes ready for the exam and I had a read through the mock paper too which looked refreshingly easy so I don’t think it will cause any problems and there is no way it’s going to take 4 hours so I think I will be done reasonably early.

So yeah, tomorrow’s plan is, get up, redo my nails, sort out my external hard drive, go to Sarann’s and drop stuff off, drop by student advice centre, do exam, go to The Terrace and begin drinking and the rest will just be a blur.



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