White Rose Speakers

Recently, I made it down to the other “>Toastmasters group in Leeds, to see how it differed from Leeds City.

The answer is not a great deal – there were a few things that they did a little differently, but on the whole, it was the same enjoyable Toastmasters format. The biggest difference is that it is a much smaller club, with maybe around a dozen people there. This is understandable given they were only chartered in June, but is markedly different from Leeds City, the oldest club in The North, which will have around 30 people per meeting.

As they were somewhat short on roles, I was pounced upon on entering and ended up as timekeeper. It was a role I had been a bit nervous about doing, so giving it a go in a smaller club setting was perhaps a gentle introduction.

All in all, I’m not sure whether I will become a regular visitor. It would be a great chance to get round more roles and get more speeches it, but it does mean a time commitment of one evening every week.



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