What your radio station says about you

I have had a theory for a while that you can tell someones age by what radio station you listen so. As you get older (or for the select few who time travel, possibly yonger) the radio station you listen to will change for different reasons. Just like you will write different movie scripts or talk about different subjects depending on your age (though the later is also large part to with with education).

So I finally decided to get my theory noted down. It being locally based and of no real interest there was only place for it – Nerd Federation! So sorry for those of you who have no idea what radio station is which around Leeds this will probably be lost on you. Although you can probably adapt it to your local radio stations. Anyway, on with the theory.

Under 20
These are mixed up years and so there is no clear radio station. However many young people go through a phase of being a scrubber and at that time listen to Galaxy 105. Don’t worry if you do, it’s quite common. Although don’t make the mistake of taking this comment to mean your not a loser who would make many peoples hate lists, mine included.

20 to 30
You have settled down, you are in the prime of your live and you drive around in a Ford Focus. Best of all you are finally listening to a good radio station such as 96.3 Radio Aire. Everything is cool and the commerical after commercial that is played doesn’t bother you. Or you could be listening to Radio 1, thinking I don’t really want good music, I just want to listen to Chris Moyles.

30 to 40
You like to pretend your still young but your radio dial has turned onto something not quite as good. Perhaps it’s Real Radio or an easy listening station that you like to think is still playing pop tunes but is actually just repeating the schedules from five years ago after being moderated for anything with load noises in.

40 to 50
You wake up one morning and suddenly realise that all your favourite JD’s have switched over to radio 2. Yes, you are now offically old and listening to the radio 1 dumping ground for DJ’s that can now longer keep up with the hip modern trends. You kid yourself that they play modern music but really, even the news is old.

50 to 60
Ok, your old, so what, everyone grows old. Might as well stimulate your mind with some quailty plays, talk shows and discussions on Radio 4.

60 to 70
It’s retirement time and you are planning to take it easy and just chill for a few years. You flick your radio onto Classic FM and sit on a sun lounger staring at the ceiling while the music carries you away to the memories of your last vacation with the family.

Over 70
You are now really old and your radio is set firmly on Radio Leeds. You like the friendly voices and constant routine. Even if you wanted to change to a different radio station you couldn’t because you have no idea how to operate the techno-crazy programmable radio that your kids got you last Christmas.



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