Search engine friendly URLs

Wow, two posts in one day that have the words search engine in the title. Although of course it’s probably in the same twenty minute period also. But anyway, Nerd Federation now has search engine friendly URLs! Hopefully this should get more of our posts crawled as most of the bots have not spent too much time on Nerd Federation, it’s been the odd visit here or there with the exception of one.

I had tried to put search engine friendly URLs on before and everything worked other than the main blog link. The problem was that it requires custom 404 error pages and because I only skim read the documentation if that I missed the section about correcting the paths so it couldn’t find the custom error page. Still I solved it fairly quick once I looked into it so I stand by my skim reading.

Although it didn’t really have to be much of a problem at the start as Nerd Federation only has one blog entitled "Nerd Federation News." But as pLog supports multipul blogs, the link leading back to the home had to be slightly fancier. I wonder if there is a way to disable multiple blogs. I might have skim read right over that as well, lol.

As for the rest of Nerd Federation I still plan to get the forums back online one day, without the portal this time. It was cool but now that we have a blog at the front, I will just put the forums on a sub domain and everything shall be cool again.



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