Automatic content rotation

Activtiy on Nerd Federation isn’t too bad currently although I no
longer carry the lust to post I once did. Still it shall be kept alive
as now things appear to be starting up and we finally are getting
visitors I think. It really shows you that good old content is no
replacement for search engine optimisation tactics. Still, that’s
probably a bad moral to learn.

I have been working this morning on several things most notably a new
article for Inside Magazine which I think is the longest one ever
published by Inside Mag. I wanted to make it a feature on the Frinks
homepage too although I didn’t want to lose my existing feature due to
the fact updates aren’t reall predictable. So I went back to a classic
system I used on M World of automatic content rotation.

Basically it works out what day it is and displays a different feature for that day. Currently however I only have two features in rotation but I will add more as I continue to expand the site. Although to be honest I haven’t worked on it much other than some new content ever since I started work on Particle Fusion. There will be more about that later.

A change for Nerd Federation now though is that with Ceon’s post 3 days ago, all the Nerd Federation members have now posted on the site. We will regain our former glory one day if I can ever get my databases back.



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