Most wanted list

There have been many times we have joked about a most wanted list. But I think it is time to actually get one listed on the website. Due to a lack of operatives with camera’s in the field, photos are, well there aren’t any really. But who knows we may find some or even get some artists impressions one. Still I have much more waffle to come.

I originally though where can I publish this? Of course after much thought my mind hit Nerd Federation the dumping ground for all the random content that we need to get online but don’t really know where to put it. So on with the list, consider the following people armed with internet access and not afraid to use it.

1. Paul Reichelt
Wanted for not yet restoring all the databases to the Linux server

2. Keith Worfolk
Wanted for squatting on domains

3. Coil
Wanted for abandoning BuffyTalk in 2003

4. Adam [ H.I.S. ]
Wanted for domain problems

5. Freddy Prince Junior
Wanted for marryingf Buffy Summers

6. Andrew Phillips
Wanted for failure to pay his hosting fees on time

7. Orrin Hatch
Wanted for introducing the Induce act

8. Andrew Hardy
Wanted for more That’s Our Hardy storylines

9. Bill Gates
Wanted because he is such a cool guy to meet

10. Martin Brunt
Wanted for squatting on domains



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