We want Judging Amy DVD’s

I am tired, that is actually my reason for posting. Although I also also going to move on to some other topics including Judging Amy. Anyway so I am watching Ricky Gervas’s Animals. I have to say he is so much funnier than Peter Kay. I mean Peter Kay was ok but I didn’t find him that funny where as Gervas is really entertaining.

Anyway so the tired thing. I am just drained. I am working on a database connection class but it is confusing and there are just no tutorials out there – contact me if you know any OOP tutuorials dealing with databases because I can’t be bothered to deconstruct ADOdb and work out how it all works, I just want to do something simple.

Judging Amy isn’t out on DVD as far as I know, I even checked
TVShowsOnDVD to see what news there was on the show and it was empty.
And if that site doesn’t have news on it, there is no chance that it

It’s about time I started a forum for the site I think. I mean there seems to be very little out there and it’s a really popular show. Or so it would seem if it was returning for a 6th series next month.



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