’s SQL injection attack guide

As I am working on a new project I decided it was time to write a new function to protect myself from SQL injection attacks. I wanted to do it right so I headed onto the net to find some advice and tutorials on how to do, which ways are best effective, methods to use and so forth. Anyway one of the results I came accross is from the PHP manual (at least I think).

The worrying thing though is that I am half way down and all that has been on the page so far are ways in which SQL injection attacks can happen on a side with full code reference and methods on how to do it! Lol, the problem with anything open source that is available to the public is that if you publish a bug fix, others will exploit sites that don’t yet have the bug fix.

Take a flick through the article at I am sure there will be a fix at the bottom, but it is still worrying considering the amount of people who don’t secure themselves against SQL injections. Dreamweaver does pretty much nothing at least for ASP and JSP pages if memory serves.



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