Throwing weight behind AdSense

Wow, from not posting for days to three posts in one day and it’s still only 3:25. Or it it was when I started writing lol. Anyway I didn’t really want to post about this on the site itself but I have continued to throw more weight behind Google AdSense. On August 7th I made a post about trying Google AdSense again and putting ads on TV Forge.

The results haven’t been great but I need more revenue sources and a lot of my sites have placeholders for ads ready but don’t actually have ads on. So I recently added Google AdSense adverts to BuffyTalk (though that took some code modification) and I have just finished adding the ads to the spare skyscraper on Emo Movies, or at least select pages as I didn’t put them on the A to Z and other such which lack content.

One thing that did occur to me which is why I am using the ads more is that last year sometime I think it was I was listening to the Mary Goulet show on World Talk Radioyour advantage. Was was said basically is that because it’s content targetted you can have lots of little niche sites all coming together to make money.

Now, a year down the line it occurs to me I have been building up these niche sites for years but have never really run anything other than banner exchange ads for them. In a sense, without realising it, I have built up a network of websites that is perfect for AdSense. But who knows that the future will bring. Hopefully money ;).



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