Ulster Folk Museum

Ulster Folk Museum is an outdoor village located in Belfast where you can learn about traditional living. There are a bunch of shops, houses, mills and churches, some of which are replicas and some of which are originals that have been moved brick-by-brick from various parts of Northern Ireland.

The main area contains a few streets with different shops in. Some of them are real shops such as the sweet shop and fully licensed pub. Many others act as a living museum. On the day we went there was a weaver using a wooden loom, a doctor who gave me and little bear a brief examination, some knitting, and traditional museum. There is also a tea room that offers hot and cold food.

The day we went was Ferguson Tractor Day. Harry Ferguson, co-founder of the Ferguson-Brown Company (now known as Massey Ferguson) was born in County Down and each year the museum hosts a rally for traditional Ferguson tractors. This included plowing demonstrations and a best tractor of the show award.

As a result, the place was rammed and there were parking cars on any spare scrap of land they had. It was very well organised, though. They had plenty of people to deal with the traffic and plenty of staff on in the tea room as well, o you were never queuing for long.

Outside of the main area they have various other buildings to explore and a farm with cows, chickens, geese and pigs.

Might be a bit grim on a rainy day and the paths on the map were not always accurate. But otherwise I would really recommend this museum. There is plenty to see, the demonstrations are good, they had colouring for the kids and on a nice day it is a beautiful walk, too.



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