The weekend in review

So today is the day before the Atheist Soc launch party. Well technically it’s now later today. I should be pretty excited. I am. But I’m also very tired. Saturday’s close finished at 4:30 and I got a decent night’s sleep but it was sensible not preferable (as in I got like 7 hours or something, ideally I need a good 11). Did a bit of shopping then went to work last night followed by driving over to uni to drop my shopping off and going home and to bed. I ended up getting to sleep a little after 4 and got up at 8 to get to uni for the societies fair.

I picked up breakfast on the way including a coffee which unfortunatly I still hate but I’m all about trying new things at uni. Spent most of the day at the societies fair except for dropping by a lecture and a lab session. SE24 is going to be a right pain I think. Went to Michelle’s for dinner then went home to check my emails before heading out to the Old Bar. Except that I kind of fell asleep and by the time I set off everyone was leaving so I made a hasty retreat back to my room.

Oh, with regards to the internet outage suffered by those of us in halls this weekend, I was become some ‘tard working on the refurbishment of The Refectory caused a power cut that took out the university’s two data centres. While they do have backup power it is apparently not designed to keep the whole network online.



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