General life update #6

Life is tiring.

Very tiring.

I got a lie in on Saturday morning at least. Probably my last decent night’s sleep until next Saturday morning. Before another two weekend closes at work. Interestingly enough my store has applied for extended opening hours – till 1am Sunday-Thursday and till 5am Friday and Saturday.

We’re not sure why. Apparently they didn’t tell our store manager, head office just phoned him up and told him to stick a sign in the window. I don’t see the point really, we do hardly any sales last thing at night. And how are we supposed to staff the place throughout the entire night? We have enough problems now. Plus if we are open until 5am and open again at 6:30am, what’s the point in closing? We might as well go 24 hour.

I’m still majorly stressing about housing next year. Nobody else seems in any kind of hurry to get things sorted though so I fail to see why I need to lead the charge. Something tells me that next years living arrangements isn’t finished damaging our social circle quite yet.



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