Live from the societies fair

I’m blogging from my laptop in the Riley Smith Hall in the first day of a two day re-freshers fair including societies stalls. I’m currently running the Atheist Soc stall as well as managing the Jazz and Blues society stall while Kieran is at a lab session. I’m all about the multi-tasking. Even after getting less than four hours sleep last night. But I’ll expand when I have time to blog properly.

It’s not been bad, given I was expecting pretty much nothing we’ve had a few proper sign-ups and a handful of mailing list sign-ups on top of that plus I’ve talked to a few key people so it’s all good. Kieran has been blasting out jazz all day as he was the first to play any music and has just basically kept it going. Too bar for :p.

Once again I find myself next to LS:TV for some reason. They have a silly amount of staff milling around and an endless parade of laptops to show their stuff on too. I’ve been talking with Andy from J&B along with Kieran for a bit and he seems like a really sorted guy. I’ve exchanged a few words with the Green Action Group as well who, while all being hippies, are pretty cool people none the less.



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