GoDaddy act big, actually just being bullied

GoDaddy recently pulled another site for publishing content they disagree with. got a message saying they had “been suspended for violation of the Abuse Policy”

Basically, it’s a security site who published some details on one of the MySpace security problems. MySpace weren’t happy about it and had a moan to GoDaddy who, as they now have a reputation for, pulled the domain. At least it’s not the nameservers for a datacenter this time.

I’m sorry but GoDaddy really is a joke. Their terms of use include, and I quote, the forbidding of “morally objectionable activities.” I find it amusing that a country that claims to cling so much to the idea of freedom of speech often so easily abandons it, especially when it contradicts the morals of a Christian nation which is supposed to be prevented from having a state religion by it’s constitution.



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