The usual tale

Saturday night was Wendy House’s 10th birthday so having enjoyed some rather nice steak at Maths Chris’s BBQ we did some drinking at Circle Party Central then headed down for some old fashioned Wendy-based fun.

With it being 10 years of Wendy and all they had laid on a special extra room for it. So like the old people we are, we just went to Stylus and spend the entire night there like normal :D. Never the less it was an excellent night – we got there fairly early, as in, before 11 which is fairly unusual for Circle trips to Wendy and didn’t leave till the end (except for a few rubbish losers and Norm).

It was good to hang out with people who aren’t particuarly new faces but people who haven’t really been out at Circle clubbing events before. Indeed, it almost felt like an A-Soc committee meeting in parts with myself, Norm, Nicola, Rosie and Liz as well as ex-social secretary Sarann all in attendance.

Unfortunately because Nicola didn’t make it to the pre-party she wasn’t able to bring my princess costume so I wasn’t able to join in with that one – what a shame huh? :p.



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