If you haven’t heard about Grand Central (I hadn’t) it is a telecommunications service bought out by Google last year which basically helps you manage your phone calls. The basic idea is that you register with Grand Central and you get one phone number that you can give out and you never need to give out another.

So for example, and to be honest I am somewhat just guessing based on what I have read, but you get a number from Grand Central and give that out. Then when you get a new phone and end up with a whole new number (because for some reason most people don’t port their numbers like us sensible people do) they just put their new number into Grand Central and people and because everyone else uses their Grand Central number they won’t know a difference.

Notably this would be really useful for me though as currently I have two phones, one on Vodaphone and one on o2. This is ok but it means I have to have two numbers which means distributing two numbers. Using Grand Central I could give out my new number and when someone called it it would ring both my phones.

It also offers a number of other cool features including listening in to voicemail being recorded, recording of calls (both parties are notified to comply with privacy laws), voicemail notifications by email, have different callers put through to different phones and the ability to switch phones in the middle of call (battery running out – switch to your landline).

It’s currently in beta and only available in the United States but looks very interesting. Have a read on their website if you want to know more.



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