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Best places to live in Leeds

Saturday, July 12th, 2014 | Thoughts

A few months ago we had a discussion about housing. As people who are approaching thirty and thinking about settling down probably tend to do. It got me thinking about how much perception affects your thinking. For example Hugh said he was looking at West Leeds because that has the nicest areas, whereas I would sheer clear of West Leeds because I think the nicest areas are in North and East Leeds.

The Sunday Times is a big North Leeds fan apparently. They named Chapel Allerton and Otley as two of the best places to live. Leeds List suggested Horsforth, Calverley and Ilkley as the places to be, while avoiding Headingley, Beeston and Seacroft.

Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to lay out where I think are the most desirable places to live and compare it to what everyone else thinks. So do post your thoughts. I’ve tried to stop where it becomes it’s own place (Wakefield, Bradford, Ikley, etc) but there is very subjective also so there is no clear cut off point. There is a similar problem with want counts as an area in its own right.

North Leeds
Desirable Chapel Allerton, Moortown, Shadwell, Alwoodly, Adel, Roundhay
Indifferent Headingley, Meanwood, Oakwood
Undesirable Chapeltown, Woodhouse, Little London

East Leeds
Desirable Colton, Temple Newham, Garforth, Swillington, Kippax
Indifferent Halton, Cross Gates
Undesirable Harehills, Seacroft, Whinmoor

South Leeds
Desirable Morley
Indifferent Batley
Undesirable Holbeck, Hunslet, Beeston, Middleton, Belle Isle

West Leeds
Desirable Horsforth
Indifferent Pudsey
Undesirable Kirkstall, Burley, Bramley

I’m not convinced Morley actually is a desirable place to live, but I didn’t know what else to put in that box.

As I said in the introduction, a lot of this depends on perception. Thus, I think a lot of you will feel differently. This also explains why you should not be offended when I have described your neck-of-the-woods as undesirable. I am sure it is full of lovely people.

Christmas clear out

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 | Photos


Over the holidays I managed to clear out 15 bags of rubbish to some space for new stuff. After all that though, I don’t actually seem to have made that much space :S.

Notice to require possession

Friday, March 9th, 2012 | Life

On Thursday, 1 December I received a letter from my letting agent, Walker Singleton, stating they would be terminating my tenancy because they had to sell the apartment on behalf of the mortgage company. I was shocked and alarmed at the idea of having to leave me home, so I phoned their office. Multiple times. They never answered.

I eventually managed to speak to them the next day, and said that if they had to sell the apartment, I would just buy it (at the asking price!), it would be cheaper for them, it would be cheaper for me, no one would have to move, everyone is a winner.

They said no, claiming they had to sell it with vacant possession, and if I wanted it I would have to move out, wait for it go on the market, then buy it and move back in.

I went away and discussed this with a few people, and it didn’t make sense to any of us. So on the Monday I rang them back and explained to them the situation in more detail, and that HSBC had said they would give me a mortgage, so this really was an easy win for the both of us.

They said no. I asked why repeatedly but they wouldn’t give me a straight answer, just saying they couldn’t do it. I then asked if I could speak to the owner of the property, or the mortgage provider. They said that wasn’t possible, but wouldn’t explain why.

So I went to the Land Registry and got the title register for the property and found that the lender was Mortgage Express. So I phoned Mortgage Express and they put me through to Possessions. Possessions said they hadn’t taken possession yet, so I would have to speak to Late Arrears. So I phoned their help desk back again and asked to be put through to Late Arrears.

They said they couldn’t discuss anything to do with the property other than to confirm that someone had a mortgage on it, but because I wasn’t the account holder I wasn’t allowed any further information.

I also tracked the guy down on LinkedIn

Hi Richard,

I’m a tenant of yours, currently living at an apartment you own – Crown Street Buildings in Leeds. I’m just looking for some more information about what is going on, as I’ve been served an eviction notice.

Best wishes,
Chris Worfolk

He never got back to me.

So now I’ve moved out and everyone seems to have come away with a loss. Bad times.