Losing My Virginity

Don’t get your hopes up, this is not the long-awaited gory details of myself and Yvonne Mcgruder in the back of a beaten up Ford Fiesta. It’s the title of Richard Branson’s autobiography.

It’s a short and sweet book – I got through the whole thing in a day. He is one crazy bastard. When he isn’t almost killing himself on boats or hot air balloons, which he is a lot, he is getting arrested (though only in his younger days) and indulging in free love. Though he also appreciates keeping an alcohol-free clear head when he needs to.

The length means you don’t get the intricate detail that something like the Steve Jobs biography goes into, but does keep it moving. Virgin is a company that has been so close to going under so many times. I’ve read quite a few other books of other businessmen and none of them have such a track record of death-dodging than Virgin. Of course, it could be that Branson is just more honest. He talks openly about marijuana, sex and criminal activity, but maybe everyone else is up to it too. I can’t see Alan Sugar with a spliff but who really knows.

It’s also quite dated now. Virgin has done a lot since 1998 when the book came out and it feels like half a story. It doesn’t offer business insight in the same way that Like a Virgin does, but it does make for an entertaining read.




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