Issues with Lord of the Rings

A while back Channel 4 showed the first Lord of the Rings film, The Fellowship of the Rings. While I was watching it I think I wrote a load of points about it as I have just found a text document full of them. So obviously I thought where else should I dump them other than Nerd Fed?

I have to say, if I was the dark lord, I would not have messed it up. I mean he has huge armies at his disposal and he gets beaten by some little four foot creature, it’s pathetic.

They get caught before Buckleburry Ferry – the rider is right next to them – how did the Nasgul fail to take them out?

I mean, they even got a stab at him at Weathertop and still they couldn’t kill a little hobbit creature.

They had him again when they were chancing that woman on the horse. I mean there were 7 of them all coming at her from different sides and she got past them all.

Then when the water came down the river they didn’t try to get out of the way. At first they stud around and then later then decided to ride down the river. Surely you would ride up the bank to saftey?

What are the ods that a falling ring would fall in Frodo’s finger as he fell back in the Prancing Pony inn?

Gandalf managed to escape on the Eagles – so why didn’t they keep them for the journey?

Is it me or are elves simply Vulcans with longer hair?

Do they not have any form of guards at the secret meeting of the council? I mean how did 3 hobbits spy on everyone else without any noticing.



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