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I have three pieces of coursework to hand in on Friday. We only do a total of three for ICT in the year. I am on study leave now, I should be revising. But that is ICT for you, nobody ever gets anything done in that department, it’s like there is some kind of force surrounding it.

I really have to question the marking in it though. I was reading through my training manual which I wrote for my coursework and on the lesson plan after introduction and health and safety it says vicious sack beatings. I had forgotten I had written that so it was really amusing but then I thought – this has been marked. Why did nobody pick up on that?

I mean if I hadn’t have gone back to re-write it, it would have gone off to the examination board like that. Would they have noticed? I’m not sure though I am tempted to leave it in and find out.

Satire has always been part of my coursework. For instance by hardware unit still says go to Tools > Internet Options and wait for the administrator restriction box to appear confirming that you are unable to complete section E3 of your coursework due to a zealously protected network.

Still, things like this should not slip past teachers eyes. I know they have a lot of marking to do but maybe leaving it until school has actually broken up to require everything to be handed in is not the best policy.



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