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Launching a blank email

Monday, August 29th, 2005 | Life

Here’s a cool tip I just discovered. An email link was broken and getting treated like a url so I just typed mailto: into the URL box and hit enter. Sure enough, it opened up a blank email. You can do it with addresses to, if you put them in after the mailto: it should open up a blank email with that email address already in.

New music

Sunday, August 28th, 2005 | Life

Deciding my wallet was too heavy I decided I needed to buy some new music. I was tempted by Kelly Clarkson’s new album :P. On a more serious note, I went down the list of punk bands I had from an Offspring article and got albums from The Vandals, The Misfits, The Exploited and Hawthorne Heights. All good, especially the last, check out their debut album, The Silence of Black and White which is awesome.

Jessica Simpson Planet

Saturday, August 27th, 2005 | Life

I’ve just finished overhauling Jessica Simpson Planet with loads of new content and pages. It’s amazing how many page views you clock up when working on a site. It moved up two places on the Celeb State Topsites list lol.

Interesting stuff

Saturday, August 27th, 2005 | Life

Point one: while watching the movie special on ITV1 of Dukes of Hazzard I noticed they were holding the premiere of Dukes at Vue. Ok, it’s only half interesting ;).

Secondly, Johnny Knoxville. I didn’t realise he actually came from a place called Knoxville (you see, we have non-stupid names for places in the UK :P). That and he does a show like Jackass. You learn something useless every day.

BTW Seann William Scott has his head shaved. It looks crap.

Google is a domain registrar

Saturday, August 27th, 2005 | Life

I was reading this article, which says Google has become an ICANN accredited domain registrar for .com, .net and .org. There were some interesting thoughts on why.

My first thought was them simply managing their own domain registrations. Although suggestions from included them selling domains (ok that one was obviously) or even giving them away with free hosting supported by AdSense. That’s crazy but then 2.5 GB inboxes is crazy too and it seems to be working.

That’s different, though, all they need there is plenty of space which they can all do internally. With domains, they need to pay ICANN $6 per domain which would soon rack up huge costs which they won’t make back on most of the websites hosted.

Microsoft patents iPod

Saturday, August 27th, 2005 | Life

Take a look at this. You know the hierarchical menus that Apple created for iPod. Well they didn’t file a patent in time and now Microsoft have. Interesting situation. Although of course Apple are appealing.

Now we just sit back and wait for Microsoft to file patent for 0, 1 ;). The Onion reference for those who missed it.


Saturday, August 27th, 2005 | Life

I don’t like auctions. Ok, I do, I love them! But they aren’t faultless. I find myself constantly monitoring them, sitting around waiting for them. It doesn’t end for another 48 hours at the minimum, probably a lot longer! Why can’t I turn away? :P.

Windows Media is a pile of crap

Friday, August 26th, 2005 | Life

Ok, there are multi-billion dollar corporations working on streaming video why can nobody work out how to produce software that will buffer correctly? Quicktime isn’t bad but in a video that lasts 5 minutes your likely to have it stop to buffer 3-4 times even though it waits to load enough in. It’s not like it does it sometimes, it does it religiously. You’re clearly not leaving enough buffer time!

It’s not rocket science working out that if you are pre-loading something and it doesn’t load enough you need to pre-load for longer. Worst part is, Quicktime is one of the best, it’s all down hill from here.

The worst offender is probably Windows Media. Quicktime you can get 75% through it without problems. Windows Media, you can get around 10% of the way through it. I was just watching a four minute documentary. It started buffering 10 seconds in. How slack is that? Who writes software that predicts how much buffering is needed that badly? It’s not even like it was close. 10 seconds!

The Flag Dolls

Friday, August 26th, 2005 | Life

Check this out. Maybe the rumours are true. Girls really can use computers ;).


Friday, August 26th, 2005 | Life

Ok, in a follow up to my previous posts, I decided to clarify the timezones, mainly for myself as a reference but I will also include other relevant ones so if anyone else is reading this it might be useful. It’s gone 12:30 but I’m going to use that as a reference anyway.

CET / BST (Central European Time / British Summer Time) : +1 : 12:30
GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) : n/a : 11:30

EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) : -4 : 7:30
EST (Eastern Standard Time) : -5 : 6:30

CDT (Central Daylight Time) : -5 : 6:30
CST (Central Standard Time) : -6 : 5:30

MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) : -6 : 5:30
MST (Mountain Standard Time) : -7 : 4:30

PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) : -7 : 4:30
PST (Pacific Standard Time) : -8 : 3:30

So, in relation to UK time (either GMT or BST depending what we are on):

Eastern time is 5 hours behind
Central time is 6 hours behind
Mountain time is 7 hours behind
Pacific time is 8 hours behind