Windows Media is a pile of crap

Ok, there are multi-billion dollar corporations working on streaming video why can nobody work out how to produce software that will buffer correctly? Quicktime isn’t bad but in a video that lasts 5 minutes your likely to have it stop to buffer 3-4 times even though it waits to load enough in. It’s not like it does it sometimes, it does it religiously. You’re clearly not leaving enough buffer time!

It’s not rocket science working out that if you are pre-loading something and it doesn’t load enough you need to pre-load for longer. Worst part is, Quicktime is one of the best, it’s all down hill from here.

The worst offender is probably Windows Media. Quicktime you can get 75% through it without problems. Windows Media, you can get around 10% of the way through it. I was just watching a four minute documentary. It started buffering 10 seconds in. How slack is that? Who writes software that predicts how much buffering is needed that badly? It’s not even like it was close. 10 seconds!



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