YouTube continue on their path to world domination

According to Nielsen/NetRatings, YouTube is now the fatest growing website in the world. Traffic is up 75% from last week alone and they are now reaching 12.8 million unique users per month. It just shows you how much potential there is in the Web 2.0 startups. Back at the start of the year YouTube was nothing – they didn’t even have a business model. 18 months ago, they didn’t even exist. Now they are serving over 100 million videos per day.

I think it also shows you just how right YouTube got it. While the video is the core of the site, the fact you can just copy and paste a line of code and put it anywhere makes it great for webmasters and taps into MySpace’s awesome success and the community aspect (comments, friends, playlists) is turning it into a mini version of MySpace in itself.

They may be suffering a bit with the increased load though, I’m still waiting to hear back about approval of my director’s account.



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