So, Oblivion wasn’t on

Arranged to meet at the Quilted Llama for pre-drinks with Claire and Kieran at 7. This was organised at 5:15 so I had a mental hour in which time I made dinner, ate dinner, sorted the house and computers out ready to be out of the house in an hours time. I actually arrived at the Llama on time to find it shut so we ended up at The Fenton.

After John turned up the two of us went and got some food and then headed up to the union, bumping into Fonze and Janine who informed us Oblivion had been moved to next Saturday. So we went back and joined the others at The Fenton.

So overall tonight’s activities consisted of no Quilted Llama, no Oblivion and getting to watch Fonze and Janine be coupley. Although at least they were the only ones, so it wasn’t too bad on the whole couples count. Plus I had a good time sitting round talking with everyone, we hit some quite interesting topics.



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