You get out what you put in

Last month, I had the opportunity to take the Toastmaster role at Leeds City, for the third month in a row.

That means that out of the last six meetings Leeds City has held, I’ve been Toastmaster three times, I’ve taken two best speaker ribbons (one each time I gave a prepared speech) and done a timekeeper role to ensure we were finished in time for the Christmas party (that I organised).

So what was my theme for the evening? You get out what you put in!

As I pointed out – most of the other members of the club are currently subsidising my education. We all pay the same monthly dues whether you don’t turn up at all – or whether you turn up every meeting and work your way round all the roles. Toastmasters is about getting stuck in, and if you don’t embrace that, you’re never going to get your full value.



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