Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Earlier this month, we headed to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It’s fairly small, no where near the size of Chester Zoo or even Helsinki Zoo, but it does have “contact areas” in which you can go in and pet the animals.


A wallaby comes jumping across the path.


A capybara hides under a bridge after it was chased into the water by a rhea.


A lemur diving through the air.


A lemur jumping off the top of its house.


Elina holding hands with a wallaby.

IMG_7964 IMG_8012 IMG_8044 IMG_8052 IMG_8068 IMG_8135 IMG_8155 IMG_8191 IMG_8251 IMG_8265 IMG_8363 IMG_8389 IMG_8433 IMG_8464 IMG_8479 IMG_8490 IMG_8504 IMG_8515 IMG_8613 IMG_8650 IMG_8703 IMG_8732 IMG_8853 IMG_8961 IMG_8991



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