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Ok, well I have time for one more post before sleep I guess. I should probably provide some background reading for regular readers of my blog as to my last post and talk about work as I haven’t really blogged about it, nor indeed blogged about anything recently. I will go into work later but I’ll mention a few of the people now.

Jenny is a good starting point. She was at the same orientation thing as me so we started at the same time though she is part of “the other side” (she works front counter ;)). She has also just got her exam results and a place at Leeds College of Art and Design. Plus she’s a mosher which makes a change from the the dance music listening crowd that tend to work there.

Don’t get me wrong, they are great people, they aren’t chavs. But anyway back on topic, JT is the shift running manager who is responsible for training me. He’s a man of Michelle’s heart being a massive Placebo fan, I’m under orders to fill my MP3 player with Placebo for tomorrow’s close.

Rich is a guy on the training squad that did quite a bit of my grill training and he’s cool. Ash is a really good laugh, as is Craig. Danny is a good guy too, he knows his stuff and Danny Atkin who is one of the floor managers is a cool guy who seems to have similar music tastes, he normally goes to Leeds Fest.

Kayleigh is one of the floor managers who I did my first close with, she is nice and friendly. As are pretty much all of the managers. Johnny is a cool guy as he is really chilled out and doesn’t let the pressure get to him. Tom is a nice guy and always talks to you as does Harris.

There are loads of other cool people too like Liz, Zoe, Stu and so forth but I’m tired and need sleep. If you want to be mentioned then bribes will be accepted :p.



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