Welcome to Vodaphone

Yesterday I finally got round to sorting my phone out. I’m going on contract because it should work out the same cost plus I have about twice the amount of minutes and texts I usually use and I get a new phone as the joystick on my current phone is really iffy. Plus the new phone I’m getting is a k800i featuring a 3.2 megapixel digital camera which is as powerful as my actual digital camera.

I’ll miss Virgin, for pay as you go deals they are great. Vodaphone’s contract prices can’t match them – £0.12 a text on Vodaphone whereas Virgin are £0.10. Same for landline calls and calls to people on the same network. Plus Virgin’s service is great stuff like free voicemail, free PAC codes (though I don’t know how uncommon this is), itemised billing (I have this on contract but for pay as you go I would have thought that is pretty sorted). I would highly recommend Virgin they just have two issues. One is the pay monthly details aren’t great.

The second is my next point – I’m off T-Mobile’s network! Vodaphone has the most reliable network in the UK (that’s official) and the best coverage as well I think. I should hopefully be able to get a signal around campus which was a touch and go issue on T-Mobile.



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