Wendy, Wendy, Wendy

I missed Britney.

Hmm, it’s been an interesting day. I’ve actually really enjoyed the one day off I’ve had between finishing my exams and starting work again tomorrow. It’s been a day of generally lazing around, in between sleeping for long periods of time. Then at 8 we kicked off with a Wendy pre-party hosted by yours truely. Wasn’t too bad. Limited about of spills and not much broken that I know of.

We hit Wendy about 11 and by this point people were pretty drunk. I mean, even I was feeling it. We got in there and I saw quite a few people including Stefan, Theaks and Jay. I got talking to a few other people that I was going to have a more in-depth chat with (or saw people I was going to have a chat with) but that plan was somewhat curbed by my premature exit.

I also ran into Andy (see this post it’s not exactly in detail but it gives a very brief account) who started by hitting on a very drunk Sophie, started chatting to me and seemed to be alright with me (bare in mind the last time we spoke was when we parted on bad terms in May and his last words were “I’ll never forget this Chris”). I was going to let it go but then Claire comes over and says he has then been badmouthing me to her. Seriously, what is that about?

By this point we had lost Sophie and so myself and Verity spent some time looking for her. She was eventually found passed out in the toilets and so me and Verity took her home. Well, I say home, we took her to mine as I was putting them up for the night. This I can live with but now I’ve lost both halves of by bed, I was hoping to keep hold of one half at least.

While I’m fine with the premature exit as I left Claire to tell everyone that we had made a swift exit to get Sophie out, I did leave quite a few situations trailing loose ends across the dance floor. I had resolved to make sure I had a word with Andy at the end of the night as well as making sure I talked to a few other people which I don’t want to disclose on a public blog but whatever, it happened.



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