Back to the craft

Let’s kick off with a quick round up of what has happened of recent. After the fun of Saturday night, I ended up getting up about 2ish but given I didn’t have my room to myself it was far from uninterupted sleep. Sophie discovered her returned bag was missing two phones and her money so it turned out to be somewhat of a mixed blessing getting it back. Worked Sunday night, arrived back Monday and went to my first lecture of the second semester. Lectures suck as ever.

Things are not without hope though. There has been a recent insurge into World of Warcraft which has somewhat rekindled my passion for the game. I started a new Dwarf character and have been busy leveling him up with my mage as well as supplying him with copious amounts of resources in order for him to be able to take on enchanting as a profession.

As ever it is somewhat consuming my life however. I managed to log off just after 3 last night and got up at 8 for a quick breakfast before continuing to play it this morning. I’ve managed to drag myself off briefly to do some work now though. I say do work, I mean blog. But I have got some work done as well so it’s all good.



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