Wendy House review

Last night was of course Wendy House. Left Grant about 7 with Janine and we went down to Henry Price to meet Dani then headed to Sarann’s. I had to go out to find Oli and at a later point Fonze and John too. And everyone else trickled in so by the time we got into Wendy House we had myself, Michelle, Sarann, Janine, Dani, Oli, Maths Chris, B, Phil, Claire, Sophie, Fonze and John.

It was a good night. What am I saying, of course, it was a good night, it was Wendy House! You can’t beat it for recognising people. Didn’t see Stefan or Laura although there were plenty of people there I did recognise (as ever, that’s why Wendy House rocks).

I also ran into Gary Flockton who I haven’t seen in years and also Andy P who ended up following me home despite me telling him twice he couldn’t crash at mine. Once we got back to Grant it was time for some MarioKart and we ended up getting to sleep around 6 – and didn’t get up until 12:30, I think John is a good influence as Fonze is normally up by like 9.

Before I go off on a whole thing about outfits, I think I need to spread the gossip – Sarann pulled! I was so tempted to take a photo. It was a guy named Andy and I’ve been instructed to tell the world that he is really fit.

Ok, outfits. I picked up 2 black t-shirts from Primark on Friday for a total cost of £5. Awesome price but then I’ve now got Primark stuff. But to be fair, it was to destroy. I spent yesterday afternoon cutting holes in the t-shirt and taping up the edges with duct tape. I think the result turned out pretty well, especially when combined with lines of bondage tape underneith, even if it resulted in breathing problems :p.

The original plan was for Phil to go with his top hair completely in bondage tape, indeed we got through over a role of it before he decided he couldn’t breathe at all. It was looking pretty good until that point though. Ah well, there is always next Wendy House :D.



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