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Bray Air Display

Monday, July 31st, 2023 | Video

I cycled down to Bray to see the air show. Much better on a bike as most of the roads were closed but the guards were waving bikes through. Saturday was sunny but Sunday was nice enough. Some rain on the way back but still warm. Here are some videos.

Catalina flying boat

The Flying Dentist

Aer Lingus A320neo

Shoe-long to my trainers

Monday, July 24th, 2023 | Life

It’s not just my car that recently left us after many years of faithful service. Two pairs of my trainers have ripped between the sole and the upper.

My Brooks Launch are my every day shoe. I don’t know how far I have walked in them but somewhere in the range of 2,000 kilometres seems plausible. My Hoka Bondi X are my easy miles running shoe. They managed a respectable 1,290 kilometres of running before retirement.

YouTube Shorts

Sunday, July 23rd, 2023 | Video

I’m now so old that Vine came and went before I ever really knew what it was. But I have jumped into the world of #shorts on YouTube. Here is my first attempt, before I realised that the YouTube app has the ability to overlay a ghost image to help you line clips up.

Kilkenny Triathlon

Thursday, July 20th, 2023 | Sport

Even with a leisurely start time, my alarm went off at 06:00. I debated whether to get up. After a hard time at Lough Cutra and a hard time at Metalman, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to take on Kilkenny. But I also need to get back into the water.

In the end, the swim was cancelled due to water quality anyway. Replaced by a 2.4k run along the same run course we could take on twice after the bike. The first run was easy enough. A lot of people sprinted off and soon realised that had over-paced themselves. Even after T1 the running wasn’t over as the mount line was up a steep grassy hill.

The bike was great. Lots of clear junctions or guards stopping traffic for us. The first half of the course was into a headwind and few other people were using aerobars so even riding at less than 200 Watts I was passing long lines of athletes who were struggling into the wind. Maybe only three stronger cyclists came past me, although I was in the third of three waves.

The second run was also comfortable enough. It is not a flat course but I was just about able to pace myself up the hill. We finished on the top lawn in front of Kilkenny Castle.

My overall time was:


I just scraped into the top half coming 100th out of 212 athletes. Of course, I’m in the M30-39 category, so that only translates to 21 of 34. My splits were:

Discipline Time
Run 1 12:02
T2 2:10
Bike 39:49
T2 2:04
Run 2 24:20

Pace wise, I was 165th in run 1 and 77th in run 2, so some nice negative splits going on there.