With September Wendy House having arrived and many people back in Leeds, last night offered quite a spectacular turn-out for people connected with the circle. Fairly ironic really given that Wendy House as a whole was not overly busy.

We started off in The Old Bar with guest appearances from Bo and Ben plus Nicola joined us along with Kate (who really does have an amazing hourglass body when put into a corset) and Colette, Nicola’s friend from 6th form, all of who were sporting amazing outfits.

Wendy was the traditional mix of 80s and alternative with the few token modifications to the playlist. There were some notable omissions from the modern classics section (no Paramore, no Fall Out Boy, no Green Day, the list goes on) though we did at least get a bit of Evanescene at the end.

Afterwards we headed back to Nicola’s for the afterparty. Only 5 of us ended up going back – Nicola, Colette, Sarann, Moz and myself but never the less we talked long into the night and ended up staying until gone half seven by which point the day light had well and truly arrived. I finally got to bed at just after 8. Guess I’m not quite past it just yet after all then 😉 .



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